Success Stories

Success Stories

What is success? It is, simply, meeting your personal goals, the ones you have set for yourself. For some, it is achieving A1C results in the normal non-diabetic range (4.0-5.6%). For others, it is staying at 7.0% or below, as recommended by the American Diabetes Association. For some, it is getting off insulin and/or diabetes pills. For others, it is maintaining a certain average blood glucose level with medication. Some may have set specific goals with weight or measurements. Some may aim to walk 10,000 steps a day. Others feel successful in just getting out of the house and walking to the mailbox and back.

They say that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.” And the Bible says, “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good” (1 Thessalonians 5:21). Beyond all theory and even all logic, you have to pay attention to your own experience. When you don’t have experience, or enough experience, you can listen to the experiences of others. But, in the final analysis, what really matters is what happens in your own body. How do you feel? What are your lab test results? What does the scale say? And, whatever you’re doing, is it sustainable for the long term?

The most meaningful success stories are those from people we have come to know, both online and offline. You can read some of their stories below:

I’m Bill and I became a diabetic just a few months ago. I had some tests done at the hospital for something else. The next day they called me up and said, “Get to the ER now, if you can drive. Can you drive?” I was in a daze, but I did drive myself in and was … Continue reading BF


I am pre-diabetic and my hubby is an insulin-dependent diabetic. We started eating vegan at the beginning of August after my hubby sat down with me to watch Forks Over Knives. I read the book a few years ago, along with Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live, and we did eat vegan for maybe two or … Continue reading Casey & David

Casey & David

A year ago today [October 9, 2015] I was diagnosed with type two diabetes. My A1C (a test measuring my three-month average blood sugars ) was 7.3 (or 162). My fasting blood sugar was 136. My last A1C was 5.5 (or an average of 110) and my fasting blood sugar was 97. My weight was … Continue reading Denise Arneson

Denise Arneson

I am so thankful to the Lord and to NEWSTART for starting me on this journey. It was a lifesaver. My A1C is within the normal limits. I check my blood sugar once a week or so, and it is running from 84 to 90 [mg/dL]. When I left Weimar I had lost about 7 … Continue reading Evangelina Perez-Bechtel

Evangelina Perez-Bechtel

I went to the Weimar program in November 2013. I was off all medication except for my thyroid meds. For six months I followed the plant-based diet without cheating one bit. I walked three miles every day and my blood sugar stayed in normal range. Not only that, but I was 76 years old and … Continue reading Jean Teresa Daino

Jean Teresa Daino

I have had adult onset diabetes for about 15 years. When I was diagnosed by my primary care doctor, he said, “You are diabetic. See you in three months.” No instruction was given on anything, not even a prescription! When I saw him on the next visit, he asked, “How is your diabetes doing?” I … Continue reading Larry Wineland

Larry Wineland

In May of 2013 I was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic after starting a 6-week health program sponsored by my work. My fasting glucose was high (118 mm/dl) and my A1C was 7.6. I weighed 196 lbs and am 5’4”. I was cutting down on the rice and pasta and eating smaller portions of … Continue reading Noreen


I was Type 2. My lifestyle was really hectic at work and I ate irregularly and unhealthfully. I was at my heaviest at 18 stones [252 lb]. But then I got really ill and later found out that I was close to slipping into a diabetic coma, which is when I had to go in … Continue reading Ornette D Clennon

Ornette D Clennon

One year ago today [December 4, 2015], I began using a Fitbit in an attempt as someone with Diabetes 2 to get my blood sugars under control. This little device has been a real motivator and my blood sugar levels are much better. In the last 365 days, I have taken 4,153,017 steps which is … Continue reading Richard Osborn

Richard Osborn

In January of 2016 I found out that I had Type 2 diabetes. I was feeling terrible and drove to immediate care first thing in the morning. I was told that I had a blood sugar level of 317. That didn’t mean anything to me at the time, as like most Americans, I had no … Continue reading Thomas P Moen

Thomas P Moen

I’ve been following a vegetarian LCHF [low-carb high-fat] regime for over nine months now. Not only I have achieved excellent results with it, but I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed my food as much as I do now. I love this lifestyle. What do I eat? Proteins: Organic free-range eggs, full-fat cheese, full-fat yoghurt (in … Continue reading Unnamed


Other stories:

What I was looking for was first-person success stories from the actual individuals who have truly reversed diabetes on a high-carb, low- or no-fat totally vegan diet. I have a plethora of success stories from individuals who have reversed diabetes on a low-carb, high-fat diet (some carnivore, some vegetarian, and some vegan), but almost none from the other camp.

From observations—i.e., “listening” to other diabetics in the groups—those who are eating a “traditional wisdom” diabetic diet (that is, neither low-carb high-fat moderate-protein nor high-carb low-fat vegan), if they are achieving reasonable A1Cs it is because they are on oral or injectable medications and/or insulin.


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