High-carb Low-fat Vegan Recipes

My first choice in high-carb low-fat vegan recipes would be those from Weimar Institute’s NEWSTART “Lifestyle Club.” This is primarily because I know Weimar to be fully compliant with the advice given by 19th-century writer Ellen G. White whom Seventh-day Adventists consider to be a prophet. If you are striving to eat according to “Sister White,” you can’t go wrong with Weimar’s recipes. Be sure to test your blood glucose, however, in order to know how specific foods affect your blood sugar.


NEWSTART Lifestyle Club Recipes

Healthy Recipes by Dr. Neal Barnard
Dr. Barnard is a high-carb low-fat vegan proponent recommended by NEWSTART.

Links to McDougall Recipes
Dr. John McDougall, promoter of the famous “Forks Over Knives” is also recommended by Weimar.

Forks Over Knives Recipes

Remember, too, that the high-carb low-fat approaches to nutrition are not specifically for diabetics. Their proponents just lump in diabetes with other “lifestyle” diseases, like high blood pressures, heart disease, obesity, and the like.

Here’s one more resource from my web client, Dr. Arlene Taylor, brain-function specialist, whose recipes are mostly vegan and gluten-free, though high in carbs (grains, legumes, fruit, honey, and maple syrup).

Taylor’s Recipes

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