Specific Foods

cropped-veggie-tray-with-onion-dip.jpgIn the results of the July 2016 demographics survey, a large percentage of the respondents indicated they would like more information on specific foods and their effect(s) on diabetes. This section is an attempt to provide that kind of information. It is an ongoing project, with more articles added frequently. So check back again if you don’t see a specific food in the list of subpages (see below or check the Site Map at the side). Better yet, add a comment to this page with a link to a useful article!

About Labels

Just to clarify for everyone (but especially the ones who are anti-label): “Low-carb” for me is not a label on a box or bag, but is a lifestyle based on serious research. Also, I have learned that:

  • “Low-fat” usually means high in sugar and/or undesirable chemicals
  • “Sugar-free” does NOT mean low carb and usually just means there is no sucrose but often has other forms of sugar, such as high-fructose corn syrup
  • “Gluten-free” also does not mean low-carb or sugar-free and often has added undesirable ingredients
  • “Low-carb” label on a box does not necessarily mean is really low-carb enough
  • “Dairy-free” is not necessarily a good thing (unless you really are lactose intolerant)
  • “Non-GMO” may or may not be really non-GMO, but it’s one of the few labels I trust. After all our whining and complaining about food companies not labeling GMO products, why am I going to complain about those who do label their stuff non-GMO?!?


How Different Foods Affect Blood Sugar Levels


What Are Empty Carbs?

Why Won’t We Tell Diabetics the Truth?

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