In order to keep an accurate, detailed food journal, you need to base your records on a reliable food database. You can keep your journal as simple as just writing down the foods eaten, the amount consumed, and the number of calories, carbs, fat, fiber, protein, and whatever else you want to track. You can do this with a pen and journal or use electronic documents such as Word or Excel. You can also choose from any number of computer or phone apps to track this information. New apps are constantly being developed, so some of the suggestions below may be already outdated by the time you see this! And some newer apps may not be included. Please be proactive in researching what is available and decide what would work best for you. Please feel free to offer suggestions in the comments below this article.

Also, refer to our previous blog post, Start With Portion Control.

Calorie Count Recipe Analysis
Recipe analyzer

Food database, both generic and brand name

Food database

Glucose Buddy
Glucose-tracking app for iPhone and iPod Touch

All-in-one tracker for food, exercise, and glucose


Food database; also has a food journal and recipe nutrition analysis

Good food database, requires paid membership to track food and glucose

Food database, recipe analyzer

Food and exercise tracker with food database, can analyze your own recipes

USDA National Nutrient Database

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