Diabetes Support Groups

Diabetes Support Groups

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Facebook Diabetes Support Groups

That being said, here are some Facebook groups I know about.

Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics
The purpose of this group is to provide support, encouragement, affirmation, and information for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics who are also vegetarian and Seventh-day Adventist. You do not necessarily have to be a current or former Adventist to join, nor vegetarian (though you should know that Adventists do not eat pork or shellfish, among other flesh foods described in Leviticus). And you do not necessarily have to be diabetic, though you may have an interest in preventing diabetes or in helping a friend or family member with diabetes. Or you may consider yourself to be pre-diabetic, ex-diabetic, or a recovering diabetic. Support for all group members regardless of their approach to diabetes management followed. Deliberately inclusive.

American Diabetes Association 
This is a Facebook Page, not a Group for discussion. Presents general information about diabetes.

CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) 
CHIP is a program started by Dr. Hans Diehl (http://www.chipusa.org/) which promotes a healthy lifestyle to combat coronary diseases through a high-carb low-fat diet. Not specifically for diabetics, and does not seem to be a very active and growing group.

Diabetes T2 Support
For members with Type 2 diabetes, to share experiences of what works for them and what doesn’t and to provide and ask for peer support. Supports Type 2 diabetics of all persuasions, though the admins claim to be low-carb, but they consider low-carb anything under 100 grams of carbs/day. Many of those who post have severely high blood sugars and/or other serious healthy problems in addition to diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes Support Group
A place to find recipes, tips, tricks, and more for having a safe and healthy pregnancy with gestational diabetes.

Low Carb Way of Life Diabetics & Atkins 
For Type 2 diabetics, Atkins followers, and low-carb eaters to share experiences, success stories, ask questions and support each other on the journey to better health. Not particularly vegetarian, although the “new” Atkins supports vegetarian and even vegan persons.

McDougall Friends
A group for the followers of the McDougall Program by Dr. John McDougall, M.D., “to share our experiences, support those who are walking on this same journey, encourage those who are struggling, and to share links, recipes, and information that line up with The McDougall Program.” High-carb, low/no-fat vegan. Not necessarily diabetic.

NEWSTART® Insights
The intent for NEWSTART® Insights is for alumni of the NEWSTART® Lifestyle Program to share about the changes that the program has made in their life, and to provide insights on what the program is like to those considering attending NEWSTART®. High-carb, low/no-fat vegan. Not necessarily diabetic. NEWSTART® is high-carb low/no-fat vegan, a program of Weimar Institute in northern California.

Raw Vegan Food Challenge to Reverse Diabetes and Get Healthy
This group focuses on exactly what it says: raw vegan, though some do eat cooked grains and seeds, like brown rice and quinoa. It is not focused on low carbs, and recommends no more than 40% of calories in “healthy” fats. The group has not been active since January 2015.

Smart Diabetes 21 Day Challenge
This is a support group that offers monthly three-week challenges for all diabetics regardless of approach to diabetes management. They say, “Our goal is to create a nurturing community that will allow all participants to take control of diabetes together!” Admittedly, they have things to sell; but it is not necessary to purchase anything to be a part of the group.

The Non-Corrupt Diabetes Association
A group for diabetics and their loved ones around the world, without regard to type, who are attempting and succeeding in attaining tight blood sugar management, without any influence from third-parties that would benefit from any named treatment protocol. Proponents of a very low-carbohydrate, adequate-protein, high-fat meal plan, plus intermittent fasting.

The Rosedale Health Plan
Online support community created for those interested in the Dr. Ron Rosedale health programs which includes new and exciting research, dietary recommendations, treatment options, and vitamin supplements. Dr. Rosedale’s specialty is diabetes and aging. Low-carb, high-fat. The group is not very active.

The Vegan Diabetic
This group hopes to approach the unique and difficult challenge of being vegan and diabetic simultaneously with a grace and persistence that cultivates hope and noticeable advances into better health. They say that all points of view are welcome, but the group seems to lean more toward high-carb, low-fat. Not a very active group.

The Vegetarian Low Carb Diabetic Healthy Diet Society
A unique networking, education, and support group dedicated to adapting a ketogenic diet with a lacto-ovo plant-based approach, consisting of very low carbs, high good fats, and adequate protein. This is the best group for vegetarian diabetics that I have found so far (other than Adventist Vegetarian Diabetics, of course!).

Type 2 Diabetes Straight Talk 
From the Group Description: “We promote a LOW CARB way of eating to help manage our diabetes, with emphasis on LCHF. We DO NOT follow the ADA guidelines.” However, by their own admission, they are NOT a “clean eating group” (whatever that means).

Here are some Facebook groups to not join:

Diabetes Support Group
This is a subgroup of an organization called The Parivartan Foundation, specifically developed for people in India, and focuses primarily on teenage mental health issues, very little on diabetes. It’s not a discussion group, and posts are made only by the admin/owner of this group to promote their organization.

Diabetes T2 Support 
This group is not very tolerant of people who are controlling their diabetes with diet, especially low-carb. Many of those who post have severely high blood sugars and/or other serious health problems in addition to diabetes. This is essentially a whine group that wants support for their lifestyles, regardless of how damaging it is to their diabetic health.

Dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution Advocates
The stated purpose of this group is to help all diabetics get stable control of their blood glucose levels by sharing the experiences of group members with the methods Dr. Bernstein describes in detail in his book, The Diabetes Solution. However, I found the admins and members to be hateful and intolerant (even worse than the Reversing Diabetes group!).

Reversing Diabetes
This LCHF (low-carb high-fat) group is very exclusive and heavily meat-oriented and does not tolerate members who disagree with them. Based solely on Dr. Eric Westman’s low-carb ketogenic protocol of 20 grams of carbs per day and is a good source of information about the ketogenic approach, but not very helpful for vegetarians or vegans.

Reversing Type2 Diabetes
This is a very small group whose Group Description reads, “This group involves information and discussions about reversing the symptoms of diabetes type 2.” The admin states, “I feel a diet and exercise program that is easy to incorporate and that you can be happy with is key, so that it is sustainable, but other than that, yes, I invite and encourage everyone to share their experiences and discuss various approaches and to explore options and methods.” There is a wide spectrum of opinion expressed here, and the group is not very active.


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