Diabetes Testing Supplies

blue-blood-sugar-monitorMost of us get our diabetes testing supplies by prescription from a physician supported by our healthcare insurance provider. We take our prescription to the pharmacy and usually pay a co-pay for the supplies we need. At the time of this writing, I know of only one healthcare provider—Kaiser Permanente—that provides meters, test strips, and lancets with $0 co-pay. Below are some popular suppliers of diabetes testing supplies (as well as other medical supplies).

Arriva Medical 
If you have Medicare Part B Medical Coverage, Medicare covers the cost of your diabetic testing supplies.

Diabetes Testing Supplies : Diabetic Supplies – Walmart.com
If not covered by healthcare insurance, or if you want more testing supplies than allowed by your healthcare coverage. No prescription needed to purchase at Walmart.

Glucose Monitoring Equipment, Insulin Pumps, and Supplies (Kaiser Permanente)
Yes, home blood glucose meters and supplies are covered by your Health Plan. The supplies include test strips, lancets, and lancing devices.

Liberty Medical: Diabetic Supplies | Diabetes Testing Supplies
Offering home delivery of prescription drugs, shoes, diabetic testing kits and supplies.

Medicare’s National Mail-Order Program for Diabetes Testing Supplies
See more at: http://www.diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/health-insurance/medicare-competitve-bidding-program.html#sthash.l7cnRaVA.dpuf

Testing Supplies – Diabetic Care Services
Provides testing supplies that are Medicare-approved and covered by private insurance.


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