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Me: A thing going around now in the diabetes groups is advising people to put Vicks VapoRub on their toes for toenail fungus. What would you say to them about that?

MNT: No. It can be a Band-Aid for some types of fungus. It’s the menthol in the Vicks. The only way to really get on top of fungus is to strip it down or off the nail. This is key. Nails are porous; by stripping the nail down due to thickness or just being “infected” by the fungus, you open it up for treating it. We know now many fungi are actually bacteria. This why fungus creams and meds have such a low success rate.

Stripping them down opens up the nail for treatment. Apple cider vinegar or Listerine works because it removes the environment for favorable growth of fungus. I tested the Listerine recipe going around and it had a very low success rate. Fungus can only be cleared by stripping the nail down, cleaning out all the bad decayed nail, then treating it.

This is a nail rotted through. Its texture is like soft wood bark. When you take the nail down to the thin healthy bed—instant relief! And healing.

Me: What do you advise patients to do in order to facilitate that natural healing?

MNT: I recommend an apple cider vinegar soak for routine healthy foot care, then spray with hydrogen peroxide, then cuticle oil and moisturizer daily. A strict recipe and portico for one week then recheck.

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