Diabetes and pedicures: Do they go together?

The Truth About Pedicures

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Comments from a Facebook diabetes group answering the question, “Do any of you go to nail salons for pedicures?” 


  • I do. I love them. No one told me I couldn’t.
  • I definitely go but I go to a salon that is owned and run by one girl. She used to work for a doctor and knows how to give a perfect pedi. Foot care is huge for diabetics.
  • I know I really shouldn’t, but I still do. I just stick to the same salon I have gone to for over 20 years and never had a problem there. I am either foolish or lucky. I wouldn’t go to any random salon, and I really do watch them as they do my pedicure. The same lady always does mine and she is diabetic herself so she is really careful. I also bring my own tools and they line the basin with a plastic bag that gets thrown out between each customer.
  • I get my nails cared for by an RN. She takes good care of them. My granddaughter paints them for me occasionally.
  • I think it depends on the nail technician. I go once a month for a pedicure and have for years. She is extra careful and the place is extra clean. My doctor is always pleased with the way my feet and toenails are so healthy. He encourages me to continue with her. She does my fingernails every two weeks with the same special care.
  • My nurse practitioner told me about a couple of women who go around to nursing homes and do pedicures for 20 dollars. I have never gone. I do the best I can on my own.
  • I go all the time. Twice a month. I take my own tools. There is a danger of infection if you get nicked. It becomes a big issue if you have neuropathy. I also inspect my feet daily with my husbands assistance.
  • I go but do not let them use the razor. Don’t want any nicks. They only use pumice and scrub/file. Taking care of our feet is so important.
  • My doctor said that I absolutely could go to a reputable place but not to put color on my toenails. She needs to see the color of the nail itself. It’s actually good to massage the nerve endings in our feet so as to ward off the diabetic neuropathy.
  • Yep, every six weeks. I can’t reach my toes. It’s an extremely clean salon.
  • I never put my feet in the foot whirlpool. And never let them use that razor thing.
  • I do [go to a nail salon] because the podiatrist I was going to cut a piece off my little toe.
  • I go every two weeks. And I pumice my feet in the shower. No problems. I won’t have nasty-looking feet.
  • I do. But I go to the same place and I know they sterilize everything.
  • I go every 4 weeks. The salon is very clean and the instruments are always sterilized!
  • I see a podiatrist and just get my nails painted at the nail salon.
  • I do but I made sure she knows I am diabetic.
  • Yes. No one said not to.


  • My doctor suggested several years ago not to; but, oh, I miss my professional pedicures.
  • Increased risk of infection/ injury.
  • Nope. Not since my endo asked me if I liked my feet. I have a nice footbath and all my own stuff and do them at home. Not worth the risk. I’m a dancer and my feet are a priority.
  • I think it has something to do with being diabetic and your feet being more susceptible to infection, especially if you get cut.
  • I was told not to due to risk of infection. My husband does a great job on my feet for the past seven years! I’m lucky!
  • No! No!! No!!! The ONLY people that will ever clip my toenails are the girls that work in my podiatrist’s office!
  • I do not; it isn’t worth the risk of infections. I do my own feet at home. If you need something professional done (such as toenail clipping) a podiatrist would be the best place.
  • My comment: That’s what I used to think. Until I went to my podiatrist and asked for a nail clipping, and they butchered my feet worse than any nail salon had ever done!
  • Someone else’s comment: I did until the technician damaged my nail and it detached from the bed. Now I do my own.
  • Call your local podiatrist and ask them where to go. Around here they have specialty places for diabetics specifically to get nail care and pedicure services.
  • After two women died from infections after pedicures, it was standard practice for diabetics and those with compromised immune systems to avoid salons.
  • Diabetics can have a harder time of recovering from an infection.
  • No, I’m too scared anymore since I went on vacation to Arkansas and they were too rough on my callous. It became infected and wouldn’t heal for five months, so now I just do it myself. My doctor told me never ever get a pedicure, just do it yourself; it’s not worth the risk.
  • Also a big risk for a fungus infection, which I got and it took a year of daily diligence to get rid of it.
  • I’m still able to do my own pedicures. I use Heel Tastic from Bed, Bath and Beyond so I have no need to have the skin “shaved” off or buffed, my feet are really soft. [Heel Tastic is also available at Walmart.]
  • My foot doctor suggested that I should not get pedicures from the nail salon.
  • I’m scared to do it.
  • I have a lady come to my house once a month for a mani-pedi. She uses disposable containers for the pedicure so always fresh.
  • Been seeing the same gentle podiatrist for three years. Retired in May and my new insurance will not cover her cutting my nails! Can’t afford $140! When I was used to only paying my $30 copay
  • My doctor told me I couldn’t wear sandals because I could injure my feet so I do my own pedicure. I wear closed-toed shoes
  • My final comment: After having my diabetic feet butchered by both a podiatrist and a typical nail salon, the only one I trust is a trained and state-certified Advanced Medical Nail Technologist! So it really doesn’t matter what you hear or what you’ve been told, it usually takes experience to determine your future course of action.

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