clipart-waterGlass-2Water is essential to life! You may recall that, before you were first diagnosed with diabetes, you had frequent, intense thirst. And your body still does.

Drinking enough water is probably right up there in difficulty with getting enough exercise. I’m still working on it.

My first instinct when I have a blood sugar spike is to drink more water. I don’t know if it helps lower blood sugar or not, but it at least helps rehydrate the cells. Dehydrated cells become more insulin resistant.

My personal opinion is that the reason any so-called “detox” or “cleanse” works is because it’s putting more liquid into your body. I’d just rather “detox” with plain water.

California is currently [2015] in a drought, and water is precious. I will take shorter showers and not wash my car in the driveway, but I will not skimp on drinking water!


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