clipart-trust-hoizhocka-sepp-beachwalkThis one, of course, as presented by Weimar is fully religious, Christian, and Seventh-day Adventist. But, like the other seven “principles of health,” this one is not limited to Christians. Members of any faith community need a support system they can trust, whether it is a deity or a philosophy. So do people who don’t believe in a god of any kind.

For some, stress levels are reduced when they separate themselves from organized religion. For others, stress levels are reduced by immersing themselves into spiritual practices. All diabetics, whether they believe in a god or not, need to reduce stress levels in their life as much as possible as stress is definitely a factor in high blood sugar.

“One final thought about stress relief. It’s always a little amazing to me how far organized religion is ahead of the game. Think about the practices they preach. Prayer (similar to meditation). Belief in a higher power/ confession (stress relief). Weekly ceremonies, like mass (sense of community and continuity – important for stress relief). Small group session (friendship and sense of belonging – stress relief). Fasting. Yes, fasting. All of these practices that are so important for good health have been established thousands of years ago.” From





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