If you were raised Seventh-day Adventist, or even if you came into the church later in life, you have undoubtedly heard or read many times this classic quotation: “Pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, the use of water, trust in divine power—these are the true remedies” (Ellen G. White, Ministry of Healing, (Nampa: Pacific Press, 1905), page 127). It is from this statement that Weimar Institute popularized the acronym, NEWSTART®, representing Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest, and Trust, that has come to be known as “The 8 Laws of Health.”

Here is a page on the NEWSTART® website where you can access a half-hour video on each of the above topics (requires a free membership). These videos are unashamedly religious, clearly based on Seventh-day Adventist beliefs. If you are an Adventist, you already know this. If you are not, the videos will give you a pretty fair picture of conservative Adventism. You may or may not agree with all (or any) of what is presented, but it will help you better understand Seventh-day Adventist health culture.

I would like to consider each of these eight “lifestyle” aspects as they relate to diabetes. Scroll down….